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I’m Nina Radetich.

You’re here because everyone has told you that social media is the place to be, that your business needs to be on Facebook and Twitter. For you, though, “everyone else is doing it” is just not good enough. You want to make sure your time spent on social media is leading to real business results.

Yet, it all seems so overwhelming, and you’re wondering how much time and how many resources you need to devote to social media in order to make it effective.

nina-radetich-headshotI strongly believe that social media connects us in ways we never thought possible, making it an essential tool for businesses big and small. But, posting funny dog videos and cat memes is not the best use of these tools to grow your business.

We all have a story to tell. Stories are what connect us. Social media allows you to get your story out to the world.

With journalism in my blood, I’m a storyteller at heart. My passion is identifying your unique story and helping you communicate it on platforms like Facebook and Twitter… so your customers and potential customers will be banging down the door to work with you.

I’m also a no-nonsense kinda gal. I rely on systems in my own business to help automate part of the social media process. I love the a-ha moments that happen when I show a business owner how to maximize their time on social media…avoiding overwhelm, yet preserving their authentic voice.

I spent the first two decades of my career as a broadcast journalist, anchoring the evening broadcasts at both the NBC and ABC affiliates in Las Vegas, NV. With the advent of social media, there was a significant shift in the television news biz. Suddenly, more people were getting their updates from Twitter.

Nina Radetich JournalistI started to see what a game changer social media was going to be for business. So in my final years as a journalist, I immersed myself in this new media and studied how it was reshaping business, political, and personal communication.

Now, using my experience engaging an audience, combined with my natural talent for storytelling and communication, I help businesses harness the power of social media to build relationships with current and potential customers, driving real results for their bottom line.

Social media changes daily. And it’s my job to keep on top of those changes.

I blog regularly on the latest trends, plus I offer tips to help you improve your social presence. Sign up here to get my weekly email. I promise I won’t clutter your inbox!

I’d love to help your business. Whether it’s running an audit to see how we can improve your strategy, building your strategy from the ground up, or my online self-study program, Taming Twitter, I’m here to help.

Social media is about building authentic relationships. And there’s never been a better time to use my proven strategies to stand out online. So let’s get started! You can reach me via good old fashioned email by clicking here. Or connect with me on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn. I’d love the opportunity to help your business shine on social!

To your social success,
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At Nina Radetich New Media Strategies, our mission is to grow your business by building your social communities and engaging your customers (even those you don't have yet) by sharing your company's story in compelling fashion.

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