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Radetich Marketing & Media is a Las Vegas marketing consulting firm focused on solving the mystery of marketing for small business.  Founded by longtime local news anchor, Nina Radetich, the firm works with small to medium-size businesses to help them gain exposure online through a powerful marketing system.

Radetich Marketing & Media was born out of the frustration Nina felt for marketing her first small business, Nina Radetich New Media Strategies.  With the advent of social media and so many potential marketing options, how was a small business owner to make sense of it all, much less systematize the process?  Nina knew there had to be a better way… there had to be a way to build a marketing strategy that was tied to a proven system. That’s why she joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

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Nina Radetich Las Vegas Marketing ConsultingNina Radetich, Founder & President

With journalism in my blood, I’m a storyteller at heart. My passion is identifying your unique story and helping you communicate it online… so your customers and potential customers will be banging down the door to work with you.

We all have a story to tell. Stories are what connect us. The internet allows you to get your company’s story out to the world.

My name is Nina Radetich, and for the first two decades of my career, I anchored the evening news broadcasts at the NBC and ABC affiliates in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along the way, I won an Emmy and an Edward R. Murrow award for journalistic excellence.

Today, the TV makeup and helmet hair has been replaced with a laptop and the power of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant network. I left television news in 2012 to pursue the life of an entrepreneur. Driven by a desire to have more flexibility for my new family, I launched a social media marketing agency, helping many clients, large and small, gain exposure for their business in this new medium.

But I recognized that social media was only one spoke in the wheel of effective marketing for small business.

Without a website that converts or a strategy to show up in local search, small businesses weren’t going to see more customers just from posting on Facebook.

I knew there had to be more. I was convinced that marketing didn’t have to be a mystery for small business. I knew that like anything else – production, accounting, sales – marketing didn’t need to be a mysterious creative process that only worked sometimes. I believed that it could and should be installed as a system that makes the cash register ring.

The missing link? Strategy.

Employing marketing tactics without a strategy is akin to throwing spaghetti against a wall and hoping something sticks. That’s why I chose to get certified in the Duct Tape Marketing system. When the Duct Tape system is installed, marketing becomes easy and delivers predictable results.  And as the only Duct Tape Marketing consultant in Las Vegas, I can show you just how this is done.

Sound intriguing?  It’s simple to start. Just sign up for your free Marketing Audit here. Or if you just want to get social, I’m a bit of a social media addict so feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. I’d love the opportunity to help your business shine online!

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