The Benefits of Podcasting as a Small Business Marketing Tool

The Benefits of Podcasting as a Small Business Marketing ToolAs a small to mid-size business owner, you know how challenging it can be to market your company effectively. Getting in front of decision makers in your industry is never an easy task, and if you wait around for referrals, you could be waiting forever.

Adding quality content to your website through blogging is a proven method for driving traffic and increasing leads and conversions, but have you considered using podcasting as a sales tool? Podcast marketing is a relatively new idea, and it has been shown to provide a host of small business marketing benefits.

Writing Acumen Not Required

For anyone who isn’t familiar with podcasting, it refers to the regular production and distribution of audio content to your customers, followers and prospects. One of the exciting things for “non-writers” is that you can create and perform podcasts without having a ton of writing talent. It can be frustrating for some business owners who have an unlimited amount of knowledge about their industry, but lack the writing talent to create engaging and persuasive blog posts and web pages.

Relatively Easy to Create

If you get into big time podcast creation and production and want to develop the highest quality podcasts out there, then there will be some technical skills required. However, you can venture into podcast marketing using nothing more than your computer, a tablet or even a smartphone. Since podcasts typically follow an interview-based format, it takes little time to prepare and execute.

The Personal Touch

As mentioned above, if you aren’t a professional writer it can be challenging to be engaging and persuasive with the written word. However, when you use podcasting as a sales tool, everyone listening can hear the passion in your voice and your enthusiasm for the subject matter, making it easier to form a bond that will carry over into more sales.

Easily Transferrable to Text

Now, even if you aren’t a gifted writer, podcasting allows you to use the transcript of your podcast and easily transcribe it into a blog post, an ebook or a white paper. Double the coverage from just one podcast.

The Convenience Factor

When you figure out how to create a podcast, you will realize how convenient it is for you, but it’s also convenient for your followers and prospective customers. Unlike written blog posts, podcasts can be listened to at the gym, on the way to work, or just about anywhere else. It’s this ability to do other things while absorbing the information that makes them so convenient, and will increase the likelihood of your message being heard.

You Can Capture Attention for Longer

The “listen anywhere you want” component also helps you avoid the mega-short attention spans of readers these days. Many people just prefer to skim through content, shortening the amount of time they spend with your content. With a podcast, they may end up listening for up to an hour or even longer in some cases, helping to strengthen that bond.

You Can Get in Front of Prospects

Have you ever gotten an email that says… “can we interview you on our podcast?”  How did that make you feel?  I’d venture to say it felt pretty cool.  Instinctively, you knew you were going to get some exposure to a new audience while at the same time sharing your knowledge with them.  As a podcast host, this is a real opportunity. People LOVE to talk about themselves and their businesses.  If you’ve been having trouble getting in front of prospects or if there’s someone you, as a business owner, really want to talk to, why not invite them to be on your podcast?  It’s a non-threatening way to open the door to a potential relationship and it provides value to your prospects as well. 

Whichever way you look at it, using podcasting as a sales tool is gaining traction and becoming a proven method for increasing brand awareness and conversions.

If you would like to learn how to do a podcast for your small business and reap the benefits of this exciting sales tool, Radetich Marketing + Media can help.  Our company president has a background in journalism which gives us the edge when it comes to creating compelling content.  Give us a call at 702-306-3079 today for a free consultation.  We’ll have you broadcasting in no time!  

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Nina Radetich is an Emmy-winning former news anchor who made the transition to digital marketing in 2012.In 2016, she became a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and founded Radetich Marketing & Media with the mission of solving the mystery of marketing for small businesses.
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