E020 Building a Modern Company in a Traditional Industry

E020 Building a Modern Company in a Traditional Industry with Coby Baker

“The average age of a mortgage professional is 56,” says Coby Baker, CEO of Alderus Mortgage. And yet the modern workforce is behind that by about 25 years. That’s why Coby, who is also the President of the Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association, is working so hard to develop the millennial breed of mortgage pros.

In this episode, we talk about what he’s doing to build a millennial-friendly culture in a traditional industry, how he’s building a bridge between the older workers in the industry and this new crop of youngsters, why he’s committed to helping people reach their fullest potential and his lofty goals for his company.

Coby moved from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas in 2003 and founded Alderus Mortgage. Since then, Alderus has been named one of the top companies in Nevada and one of the top 100 mortgage employers in America.

Coby speaks and teaches at industry events. He’s also an active member of his local community and regularly volunteers at the Las Vegas Humane Society.

Questions I ask Coby Baker:

  • Why is “developing people” at the top of your list for business growth?
  • What are you doing to build the millennial workforce and engage it in an industry that’s known as “old school?”
  • What makes the Alderus approach to mortgages unique? What does the future look like for the mortgage industry?

What You’ll Learn If You Listen:

  • Why Coby says the office environment at Alderus is key to developing his team faster
  • How a dog-friendly office affects his employees and potential hires
  • The unique challenges that come with running a family-owned business and how Coby, his wife, and his brother have structured their roles so people stay in their lane
  • Where Coby got the confidence to start a management firm at the age of 19 ? yes, a firm that told business owners how to improve their business – when he was straight out of high school
  • Coby is a natural risk-taker, however, he admits to some fear in this episode
  • The out-of-the-box marketing tactics he’s using to help grow his business
  • Why education and speaking have been crucial to the company’s development

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