E022 Making Small Shifts for Big Results in Your Business

E022 Making Small Shifts for Big Results in Your Business

Ah, the world of business coaching. There’s no shortage of “coaches” ready to help take your business to the next level. I put coaches in quotes because with all the noise online these days, it’s not always easy to decipher the legit coaches (with real-world business transformation experience) from the fly-by-night social media coaches who are self-qualified by the last business book they read.

The right coach can catapult your business. The wrong coach equals money and time wasted. In this episode of Small Biz Power, our guest is Tim Furlong, a nationally recognized speaker, facilitator & executive coach. Tim tackles business coaching qualifications, including the right questions to ask to determine if your coach is a good fit for you and more importantly if he or she is qualified to help you grow.

Tim wrote the book, “Quarter Turns,” and created the “Quarter Turns” coaching program which enables leaders to identify small shifts in approach and behavior that yield highly impactful, sustainable results.

Tim is also a partner in The Simmons Group here in Las Vegas.

Questions I ask Tim Furlong:

  • If I’m a business owner, why is it so important to work with a coach?
  • What questions should I ask a coach to determine if they are the best fit for my needs?
  • What common issues do most business owners face ? what inspires them to search for a coach?
  • What do you love and find most challenging about coaching?

What You’ll Learn If You Listen:

  • How Tim went from traveling musician to executive coach
  • Why “edutainment” is a crucial part of how Tim delivers his coaching
  • Why it’s not a coach’s job to have all the solutions/answers for his/her clients
  • The one question you MUST ask before hiring a coach
  • Why a coaching “certification” doesn’t necessarily legitimize a coach or make them the right fit for you
  • The red flag that will tell you early on in the coaching relationship if your coach is not capable of helping you get results

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