How to Use Facebook Live Streaming to Generate More Customers
Use Facebook Live to Generate Customers

In this new era of live streaming, the time is now to use Facebook Live to generate attention and leads for your business. Facebook Live streams are considered premium content by the social network, and that means you’ll reach more people if you “go live” on your Facebook page, way more than just a regular image or link post.

The key is to promote your Facebook Live like you would promote an event.  Make sure your fans know when you are going live (use your email list, other social media platforms, even Facebook advertising) to build some hype around the live stream to get more viewers.​

​Plan a Call to Action

Plan a call to action in advance, and make sure to communicate that call to action during your live stream. That could be anything from, “download this free ebook” (put the link in the comments) to “call us to discuss how we can help you” (put your phone number in the comments). It’s always helpful to have a willing assistant who can add your call to action in the comments during your broadcast.

There are so many ways to use Facebook Live to attract new clients or customers. You can produce a full show (like the one I do every other week called Small Biz Power) OR you can do a quick video using your smart phone.  It just takes some creative thinking.  

There are so many ways to use Facebook Live to attract new clients.  Here are some recommendations.

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Here are my top recommendations for using Facebook Live to benefit your business:

  • Product launches: if you’re launching a new product, use Facebook Live to do an in-depth demo for your fans. Promote a special for that new product during the live stream (share the link in the comments), and even consider offering a giveaway during the live stream.
  • Behind the scenes: Take viewers behind the scenes of your business. Have your CEO casually address the camera, talking about why he or she is passionate about what your company does (and how they do it differently). Then take people on a tour of your office, stopping to talk to employees along the way about why they love the work they do.
  • CEO speaking engagements: Show off your CEO in action on the big stage. Live stream his or her speech, then encourage viewers to book him or her for their next event.
  • Events: If you’ve got a big event on the horizon (a grand opening, an anniversary sale or celebration, the launch of your restaurant’s new menu) and want to make sure to sell it out, give viewers a sneak peek at what they can expect a few days before the event, making sure they know how to RSVP for it. Then live stream from the event itself in an effort to capitalize on your viewers’ #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and attract last minute attendees.
  • Nonprofit fundraising: So many people are looking for ways to support their favorite charities. Very few have the ability to pay to attend a fundraising gala. Grab your evening’s emcee and ask him or her to live stream for you, giving those watching at home a chance to attend the event virtually. While you’re at it, ask for donations with a link placed in the comments.

Stack the Deck​

One of the best ways to make sure your live stream is successful is to "stack the deck" in your favor.  Ask family and friends to join the broadcast and comment as you're live.  The engagement will trigger Facebook's algorithm to show the broadcast to more people.  

It also doesn't hurt to put a little advertising money behind it.  If you just boost the post after your live stream has ended, you'll garner a lot more views as the video lives forever on your Facebook page.  

​I've started using Facebook live for a bi-weekly show called Small Biz Power.  You can learn more about it here.  I regularly see spikes in traffic to my website as a result of the show.  Plus we drink wine during the broadcast, so it's just fun.

You don't need to create a professional broadcast to be successful with Facebook live.  I would, however, recommend that you make a plan before you hit the "go live" button, especially if your goal is to attract new clients with your live stream.

I'd love to hear how you're using Facebook live in your business.  Join our Small Biz Power Facebook Group and let us know how live streaming has led to more business for you!  ​

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