Going Strong

Small Biz Power Episode 17 Bret FitzGerald LVAC

Going Strong: Bret FitzGerald’s 40-year passion for exercise and the gym business

My guest for this episode of Small Biz Power is Bret FitzGerald, VP of Corporate Communications & Education at Las Vegas Athletic Clubs.

This is Bret’s 40th year in the fitness business. Bret is an Ironman Kona finisher and has participated in numerous Spartan races. His company, LVAC has more than 150,000 members in the greater Las Vegas area.

Two years ago, Bret had a life-changing experience, something you would not expect for a guy who’s focused on fitness for his entire life. We’ll talk to Bret about his personal journey, and we’ll delve into the changing face of the fitness industry in this episode of Small Biz Power.

Questions I Ask Bret: 

  • What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the fitness industry since you started in it 40 years ago?
  • How has the boutique fitness trend affected your big box gym model?
  • What are you doing to inspire others after your life-changing event?

What You’ll Learn If You Listen:

  • Gyms, exercise equipment and exercise fads may change but it is the desire to improve and a love for exercise that drives people
  • Bret shares his message for men who are 40+? what you need to be doing now to protect your health.
  • What today’s generation is looking for in their workouts and how it’s different from previous generations
  • The one quality gym instructors need to get people to keep coming to their classes

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Las Vegas Athletic Clubs

American Heart Association Las Vegas Chapter

Spartan Races

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