How to Get a Killer Testimonial for Your Small Business
How to Get a Killer Testimonial

When you’re a service-based business, there’s nothing better than providing stellar service and getting amazing results for clients. When the desired outcome is achieved or even surpassed, it’s like a little shot of adrenaline… and it keeps us motivated to continue doing good work.

Proven results are the best sales tool.  It's great when you can share those with potential clients, but it's even better when your clients can share them for you in the form of a killer testimonial.  ​

How Important are Testimonials

Testimonials are arguably the most powerful content for your business.

  • ​They help you build a good reputation for your company and products
  • They speak to your reliability and trustworthiness in executing a project
  • They make your relationships with your clients grow stronger while building new relationships with your prospects
  • They act as a marketing tool, convincing prospects to buy before they've even met you.  

Testimonials are arguably the most powerful content for your business.  Here's how to ask for one.

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How do I Ask for a Testimonial?

It’s just not that easy to ask for a testimonial. Something about it feels, well, awkward. Here are four things you can do to eliminate that yucky feeling when asking for feedback. You’ll notice these make it really easy for the client, which is the goal.

  • Add a testimonial submission form to your website.
  • Make sure your form allows you to review the testimonial before setting it to "live" on your website.
  • Email your happy customers a link to the form, preferably at a time when they are excited about recent "wins." 
  • Add the link in your email signature so it's always there as a reminder to people.

Video Testimonials: What Are the Best Questions to Ask? 

One of the strongest ways to promote your business is to actually see & hear others promoting it for you. If someone is willing to give a video testimonial, it’s usually a strong indicator that their experience with your business was top notch. It sends a great signal to other potential clients.

If you’re going to gather video testimonials, it’s helpful to interview your clients with prompting questions so you get them to share their story. Stories connect us and there’s nothing better than an uplifting story shared by a client. One where they start with their struggles and end with their life-changing transformation thanks to the work you did together.​

How to get a video testimonial

I’d highly recommend interviewing your client with select questions, then hiring a skilled video editor to identify the best soundbites and edit them together to tell a strong story.

Your goal is to get a testimonial that speaks to results versus “I really like Joe. He gave us great service.”

Here are the questions I recommend you include in any video testimonial interview:

  • Where were you before you began working with our company? What were the challenges, problems or struggles you were facing? This identifies the specific problem/frustration they were facing that you were able to solve for them.
  • What hesitations did you have about working with us?  Here, you can get an idea of what they (or other potential clients) were concerned about before they started working with you. You’ll also likely find out how your work together has eliminated those hesitations.
  • What are the tangible outcomes or results you've have had?  This one is self-explanatory… you’re getting to the heart of how your business has been helpful, even transformational for them or their business.
  • What did you like best about working with our company? What would you tell others about your experience with us?  This will give you an idea of what makes you stand out. You may even discover your core difference here (and it may be news to you). This usually gets a more emotional response which will make the testimonial even more authentic.
  • Would you recommend our services? Why?  Happy customers will gladly tell others about you. It’s likely that if they’ve agreed to do a testimonial for you, they’d be happy to refer other folks to you. But it’s important to capture this on video. Make sure they communicate why they are comfortable referring others. This gives your potential customers a comfort level and builds trust before you ever meet.
  • Is there anything else you'd like to add?  Sometimes you’ll get the BEST feedback from this question alone. Very few people will answer “no” to this question. There’s something about being asked a question – we feel compelled to respond. Back in my television news days, we used to get our best soundbites by asking this question at the end of an interview. See what you get… you might be surprised.

Pro Tip: Ask the interviewee to include the question in their answer. So when you ask them, “would you recommend us?” Their response is: “I would definitely recommend X Company, and here’s why.”

In this post, we’ve focused mostly on testimonials for your website. These are a little different than online reviews that people post on Google, Facebook, Yelp and many other websites. Those online reviews are just as important (if not more so). In fact, recent research shows that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So there’s no doubt reviews are paramount.

You can read more about taking control of your online reputation and harnessing the power of online reviews in this blog.

I’d love to know, what are your best techniques for collecting testimonials? How are you capitalizing on your happy clients to help capture new customers?

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