Interview Preparation

Depending on your level of preparedness, the media can work for you or against you. Media exposure requires leaders to convey messages in official and unscripted ways while also being personable and authentic. Media training for executives prepares leaders for expert interviews, corporate news delivery, and crisis communication. Today's world means that executives and other leaders must be prepared to present themselves in person and digitally. Whether it's handling a Skype or Zoom interview, sitting down with a journalist from a traditional media outlet, or making a guest appearance on a podcast, interview preparation and media training are essential for executive success.

Successful Media Interviews and Presentations Can:

  • Improve public perception of your organization

  • Motivate potential customers 

  • Influence employee morale 

  • Impact your bottom line

What Is Media Training?

A media interview is an opportunity for you to share your message.  To do that effectively, preparation is key. Even the most accomplished leaders can benefit from media training.  And in today’s digital world, leaders are being asked to speak publicly more and more - from podcasts to YouTube channels to traditional media, there’s no shortage of opportunities to share your company’s message. 

Media training prepares executives and other leaders to tell their brand story authentically and engagingly. Media training also pays off internally in an organization, providing an opportunity to develop alignment on key messaging across your company and creating more effective communicators who exude confidence when asked to speak publicly.  

Why Interview Preparation and Media Training Matters

Interviewees who do not prepare ahead of time for media interviews run the risk of conveying the wrong message with their words and appearance. They also risk losing control of the interview and not communicating their key messages.  Media training teaches participants message discipline, how to respond to challenging questions, and how to pivot those questions back to your core message.

The Media Training Process

Radetich Communications offers media training in a variety of formats, including workshops, small groups, or individually.  Media training workshops are a great way to equip a team of communicators in your organization to speak with confidence to a reporter or on a podcast.  One-on-one media training sessions are ideal for a company’s external communicators, those who interact often with traditional and digital journalists. Through role play, you’ll learn to speak in soundbites and practice staying on message.  We’ll also equip you with the skills to handle virtual interviews with confidence, including some simple tips to optimize your on-camera presentation and background. 

Radetich Communications offers customized executive media training and presentation coaching, including:

  • Message development 

  • Role play for upcoming news or digital interviews

  • Spokesperson training

Our team of former journalists and news anchors works closely with business leaders, those who work in media relations, and anyone who needs to speak with confidence. 

Expert Interview Preparation

Radetich Communications customizes our training based on the goals and skills of our clients. No two training sessions are identical. All of our coaching sessions cover the following essential elements:

  • Media presentation fundamentals

  • Interview practice and preparation

  • Video review and feedback

  • Methods to overcome on-camera anxiety

  • Building confident on-camera habits

You'll also learn to leverage your strengths and weaknesses to cultivate a professional presence. Many of the skills you'll learn are directly transferable to off-camera communication in daily life - both at home and in the office. Participants will learn how to:

  • Change behaviors and habits to become a skilled communicator

  • Develop expert interpersonal skills and communication techniques

  • Communicate with clarity, confidence, and authenticity

Video Presentation

Video commands customer attention more than any other medium. The skilled use of video improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), increases retention rates, and is the most powerful way to create emotional responses. We can help you learn to create videos that get your message or product seen by your target audience. We’ll help you construct clear, authentic, camera-ready messages that deliver your message in an engaging, memorable way. 

How Radetich Communications Can Help

Radetich Communications is uniquely qualified to help executives improve their communication skills and perform at their best in their next media interview. The principal of Radetich Communications, Nina Radetich, spent two decades as one of the most recognizable news anchors in Las Vegas.  She has a degree in mass communications and has spent much of her career post-news parlaying her storytelling skills into various marketing and executive positions.  Nina is certified Executive Coach, and a certified facilitator for Step Into Your Moxie®, a vocal empowerment training program designed to help anyone speak with authenticity and conviction. Nina and her team of former broadcast journalists are ready to help you succeed when you have an important message to share.