Podcasting: Your Best Sales Tool

Is it Time to Create More Opportunities? 

In the noisy digital world, it’s harder than ever to get in front of your target clients. You compete with online advertising, social media, email and voice mail.

If you are building your business through referrals, it’s not always easy to land a meeting with a potential strategic partner. Their time is valuable, and they need a compelling reason to meet with you.

To capture the attention of those difficult prospects, you need to find a way to stand out. You need to provide something that’s unique, valuable, and positions YOU as an authority. On top of that, you need a compelling reason for the prospect to continue the conversation with you.

Introducing the Podcast Series: the NEW Sales Tool

Podcast production Las Vegas

If you’re unfamiliar with a podcast, it’s essentially a radio show online… one that your company creates and hosts. You invite your target prospects and strategic partners to be interviewed, producing a conversation that benefits all of you. For the interviewee, it’s free publicity, free exposure. For you, it’s access and then some.

Let’s face it… asking someone for an interview sure beats making a sales call. #AmIRight??

Armed with a dynamic series of interview questions (that we help you create), you’ll launch an engaging conversation with your prospect, one that positions you as an expert, and, most importantly, provides an opportunity for a follow-up meeting.

You’ll then receive a proven series of touch points that allow for ongoing discussion around the podcast so you continue to build that important relationship (and stay top of mind with your prospect).

But the podcasting goodness doesn’t end there.

In addition to getting you in front of your ideal clients, a podcast has many marketing benefits, including:

    • Building authority & thought leadership: Stand out as an expert in your field
    • Website content: Transcribe your recordings and add them to your website as a blog post
    • Social media content: Take snippets from each podcast and promote them on social media
    • Increased exposure: When podcasts are uploaded to podcast platforms, they reach audiences around the world
    • Search engine optimization: Properly optimized content will help drive traffic to your website
    • Product & service sales: Use your podcast to sell your business!
    • Advertising revenue: Get others to advertise on your podcast helping you to generate revenue
    • Livestreaming: While interviewing your guest, livestream the recording and reach a larger audience on Facebook or YouTube Live
    • Social Promotion: Encourage others to share your podcast, increasing your visibility


What Makes Us Unique: Most podcasters are techies who figure out marketing along the way. We are marketers first, using podcasting as a sales tool. Our team members know what it’s like to pound the pavement and the difficulties we all face getting in front of the right clients. We know how important it is to offer something unique to stand out from the competition.

With a background in broadcast journalism, we are masters at creating compelling content and building a show format designed to generate attention. We can help you increase your broadcasting and interview skills with media training that will build your confidence in front of the mic and with prospects.

Network of Podcasters: We are part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network and have access to marketing consultants around the world. Our members stay on top of emerging trends, share resources, and provide best practices. In turn, our clients benefit from the collective knowledge shared by the network. John Jantsch, the founder of Duct Tape Marketing, is a world-renowned authority on marketing and has one of the longest and most well-respected podcasts in the industry.

Customized, Results-Driven Programs: Every business is unique. Finding out what makes you stand out from your competitors and creating a podcast around your uniqueness is essential. Our success depends on your success, so we act as your partners throughout this process. We know marketing and business development. You’ll have access to all your data… from how many downloads to where people are listening. We’ll point you in the right direction and work with your team to keep the plan on track.

How We Create Your Podcasting Sales Tool

Phase 1: Strategy & Planning

Many people jump right into podcasting without a plan. If you want to create a show that attracts prospects for years to come, you need to take time to think through your strategy and craft a plan. This is our favorite part of the process (no surprise considering we’re marketers first).

In Phase 1, we identify your target audience and the specific focus of your podcast. We brainstorm a list of potential interview subjects (remember, these are people you want to work with). And we weave the podcast plan into your current marketing, making sure the two are fully aligned.

Then we work through the nuts and bolts of podcast setup including show name, episode format & frequency, music, and design. We create email scripts to make reaching out and scheduling prospects simple. We develop a master script for your host, with fill-in-the-blanks for each episode.

podcast production las vegas

We share our recommendations for the best podcasting equipment, depending on your show format. And we let you in on our secrets for post-production, from our favorite podcast host to audio editing to social media.

The best part of all of this? We help you build a system for follow up, with several proven touchpoints to stay top of mind with your guests. The relationship doesn’t end when the interview’s over. THIS is the real power of podcasting as a sales tool.

You’ll get our expert input on all these pieces, so when Phase 1 is complete, you’ll have a step-by-step roadmap to easily launch your podcast.

Phase 2: Let's Launch!

podcast production las vegas

Once we’ve completed Phase 1, we’ll work with you to get your show live. We can do this in one of two ways: we can train your team to manage all aspects of the podcast or we can handle all elements of your podcast production.

Consulting: Should you choose to have us train your team, we’ll get you up to speed on recording equipment, share our top editing tips, even coach you through how to do a rock star interview. Some clients even like us to join them for their first interview (so they have someone to lean on and help troubleshoot – like your own built-in tech team).

When it comes to marketing your podcast, we’ll give you a checklist for each episode: where to share it, what to say, and how to take full advantage of your guest’s audience as well. And, we’ll show you how to get your show onto iTunes & Stitcher, make it sound great, and have your listeners clamoring for more.

Podcast Production: If you’d prefer to have us do the heavy lifting, we’re ready, willing, and able. In fact, many clients just want to do the interview piece, and let us handle the rest.

Our monthly services are tailored to your needs. We can:

  • Setup your hosting platform
  • Implement the launch plan from Phase 1
  • Setup interviews for you
  • Manage post production
  • Market your podcast - including writing & scheduling social media and email to promote your show
  • Create promotional content for guests to share on their platforms
  • Upload your episodes as blog posts on your website

Podcasts are a great way to tell your story (something that makes our journalist hearts swoon)… but they’re also an incredible way to open doors to hard-to-reach prospects. They’re a great way to build a foundation of trust that leads to long-term business relationships.

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