Animated Videos

The Easiest Way to Instantly Boost Your Sales & Conversion Rate 

Your potential customers are 64% more likely to buy from you after watching an explainer video (source: Comscore)  

If you aren't using an Animated Explainer Video in your marketing, you're missing out on sales.

Adding a video to your website increases the time a visitor spends on your website (by two minutes on average, according to research by HighQ).  Our videos support your website's core message and communicate your most important points.  Your animated explainer video is a like an added sales force for your business.

Our partner studio will design, edit and produce a quality, high-converting animated explainer video using a proven formula that will compel people to buy your products and services. 

An explainer video can increase your conversion rate by as much as 64% and get you more exposure for your business.  Simply place the video on your website where it will engage your visitors and help them understand why they need your product or service.

Here's the video that's converting for my business:


Skyrocket Conversions, Sign-ups & Opt-ins

With the use of powerful sales copy and stunning motion graphics, our videos will keep your visitors engaged and get your message across, all while entertaining them and ultimately moving them through the process of getting them to understand your business & take action. 

Increase Engagement & Gain Exposure

Visitors are much more likely to spend more time on your website if they watch an explainer video that gives them a unique experience.  This will decrease your website's bounce rate and increase your rankings in Google where more potential customers can find you.  

The Perfect Pitch

Our team of script writers will create the perfect pitch, making sure your video helps overcome any objections that might prevent your visitors from purchasing your product or service.  A video will lead them through the process and effortlessly piece it together, making using your product or service a no-brainer.


High-Converting Script

We will design & write your script to get the highest number of conversions possible.  We'll focus on telling a powerful story that helps you stand out from the competition and bring your brand to life through the video.

Studio Professional Voiceover, Music & Sound Effects

We will suggest the best voiceover artists suited for your script and include studio quality music and sound effects.  Since our brains are built to respond to visuals, our stunning motion graphics will help your visitors remember what you have to offer.

Dedicated Project Manager & 2 Week Delivery

During the entire project, you will have access to your very own project manager.  You'll be able to ask questions at any time, provide feedback and ideas.  Your high-converting explainer video will be produced and delivered within 2 weeks of ordering.  

Choose the right fit below and Order NOW

30-Sec Explainer Video Package


60 seconds of animation

  • HD 1080p Quality
  • 2 week delivery
  • Project Manager
  • High Converting Script
  • Studio Voiceover
  • Uplifting Music & Studio Fx

60-Sec Explainer Video Special Offer


90 Seconds of Animation

  • HD 1080p Quality
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • Project Manager
  • High-Converting Script
  • Studio Voiceover
  • Uplifting Music & Sound Fx
  • Bonus: Animated Logo

90-Sec Explainer Video Package


120 Seconds of Animation

  • 120 Seconds of Animation
  • HD 1080p Quality
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • Project Manager
  • High-Converting Script
  • Studio Voiceover
  • Uplifting Music & Sound Fx

Here are some examples of videos our partner studio has created for our clients:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Once our partner studio has confirmed your order, you'll receive a request via email to fill out our intake form.  Upon completion of that form, the studio will design and create your script, produce a studio quality voiceover, stunning animation, music and sound effects.  A rough draft of your video will be delivered within 2 weeks time (often much sooner).  

Can I give my own input & feedback?

Yes!  You'll be assigned a dedicated project manager.  You can provide feedback and ideas to your project manager and we encourage you to provide input during every stage of the process.

Can I use my own script or voiceover?

Yes!  You can absolutely use your own script and/or voiceover.  You'll be able to provide both to your dedicated project manager.  Just be sure to indicate on your intake form that you'd like to use your own script and voiceover. 

Can you do a voiceover in other languages or accents?

Yes, you'll have the option to select from voiceover artists in any language or accent.

How many revisions are allowed?

You get 2 revisions at each step. More than 2 revisions will result in extra fees.

Can you make a video in any style? 

Absolutely, we can produce any video animation style you would like. See our samples section to see the kind of videos we've produced!

Have more questions or prefer to chat before buying?  Email us at

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