Other Ways We Can Help

Lead Generation Campaign*

*Available for clients who purchase a Local FoundationJumpstart or Catalyst package

We’ll create an eBook or guide designed to solve the problem of your ideal client.  We’ll set this up to be downloadable from your website through an email capture form. We’ll run a Facebook, LinkedIn or PPC ad campaign to generate interest in the eBook or guide, then we’ll brainstorm an email drip follow up campaign to nurture your warm leads.

Lead Generation campaigns start at $500 per month – minimum 3 months

Facebook Ads/PPC Ads*

*Available for clients who purchase a Local Foundation, Jumpstart or Catalyst package

On the surface, Facebook ads seem like an easy proposition… especially since Facebook provides a self-service ad platform. Too many businesses don’t know how to target on Facebook for real leads.  We’ll use your current email list, and current traffic to your website to craft a campaign that not only drives web traffic, but also produces leads.  If you’re only interested in growing your Facebook audience, we can handle that too. Want online exposure in search engines? Then let’s get your message out to your target audience through Google AdWords or other search engine marketing platforms.

Ad campaigns start at $350 per month

Press Release Creation & Online Distribution

Do you have an important story you need to share with the world?  Maybe your business just launched a new suite of services or you’ve entered into an important partnership that will greatly benefit your customers.  We can help you tell that story with the creation and distribution of an online press release.  Boost your company’s visibility and increase your own authority by getting the attention of journalists.  With our powerful online distribution system, you’ll also see more web traffic as major online media outlets display your story and valuable links back to your site.

Press Release Creation & Distribution starts at $300

Marketing Kit Production*

Wait, what?  You don’t have a marketing kit to take to prospect meetings or to send out with your sales team?  While most of our communication is done online, it’s important that your prospects still have a takeaway to study after you’ve left.  We’ll help you create a marketing kit that showcases your business and closes deals.

*Printing costs charged separately.

Video Production

Is a short YouTube video the visual connection to your potential customers that your business has been looking for? A video enables the personality and style of a business to come through with much greater effectiveness than a written description. The thought of writing, shooting, and editing a video, however, can be daunting. Stop worrying. We can create a video that not only tells customers about you, but also shows them.

Maybe you need a short introductory video to tell people who you are or what your business offers. Maybe you’ve got an event that needs more pizazz and you want to add a video element. Maybe you want to try something fun and goofy and watch it go viral. We get the job done quickly and create videos that capture people’s attention beginning to end. With more than 2 decades in daily video production, we know how to tell compelling stories with pictures. Let’s book a time to chat to discuss your needs.

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