Small Biz Power

Small businesses are the engine of our economy, powering our local communities.  It's time to showcase them on a bigger stage.  Welcome to Small Biz Power, my show on Facebook LIVE, highlighting small businesses in Las Vegas and beyond.  

We're live every other Wednesday of the month at 7:15pm PST on my Facebook page.​  Join us to get insight from new and seasoned entrepreneurs.  The atmosphere is casual and almost always includes a glass of wine.

The show is streamed from the Shoots and Googles studio, and we continue the conversation in the Small Biz Power Facebook Group.  You can join us by requesting access here.  

If you'd like to join us as a guest, contact us and let us know what makes your small business stand out.​

This page features recent episodes as well as information about our guests.  All guests have the option of simulcasting the show on their company's Facebook page as well as creating a branding video for their business after the show (​for a small fee).  

Branding videos feature an interview with you, the business owner.  We'll talk about what makes you stand out and what problems you solve for your customers.  Our team will then edit together the best soundbites from our conversation.  Most people find this much easier than looking directly into a camera and talking.  Learn more about our branding videos by clicking here. ​

Click on the images below to watch recent episodes.  If you prefer to read, we've included transcripts for you as well.  See you online! ​

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