Speech Writing

Delivering an effective speech is essential in business, government, and beyond. If you're in a leadership position, you know how important it is to be able to persuade employees, stockholders, and customers. Learning how to write an effective speech is about learning to choose your words wisely and structure your thoughts and information so your audience is engaged with your first sentence.  

Great speeches don't happen by chance. Writing a memorable speech requires careful planning and attention to detail. Radetich Communications can work with you to write and deliver a speech that inspires and motivates. Whether it's an analyst presentation or a keynote address, we’ll get to know you so we can write in your voice and clearly express your vision and goals. The result will be a presentation that comes across as professional, credible, and persuasive to your audience.

Our Speech Writing Process

Storytelling is a crucial component of any great speech. Starting your speech with a story will engage your audience and make them want to hear more. Of course, a story must be relatable and appropriate for the intended audience. We'll help you turn your words and data into a powerful story that resonates with your audience.

We'll first work with you to answer two key questions: What's the one big idea you want your audience to take away? And how will your main talking points support that idea? We'll take that information and develop a detailed outline for you to review, revise, and fill in as needed. We aim to ensure that everything that needs to be said is captured in your unique voice. As the speech is finalized, we'll confirm that you're happy with the content and rework the language to fit your style.

Our Speech Writing Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Message Development

  • Keynote Addresses

  • Corporate Presentations

  • Acceptance Speeches

  • Event Scripts

We'll Help You Craft a Compelling Message

Nothing rivals the power of a great speech. Your words can transform an idea into action, energize employees, excite shareholders, or help contain a crisis. Radetich Communications helps executives craft speeches and presentations that motivate and inspire. The best presentation has many moving parts - your words, slides, video, or other visuals can add or detract from your message. Whatever your presentation's focus, we'll ensure your message gets across. And the best part is - you don’t have to do any of the writing - we’ll take care of that for you!  

High Stakes Presentations

If you need to deliver a presentation that will have a significant impact on your business, a well-written and delivered speech is key to your success. We can help you develop a high-stakes presentation or transform an existing one for:

  • Conference keynotes

  • Investor pitches

  • Sales presentations

  • State of the company addresses

  • Changes in management kickoff events

  • Crisis management situations

Presentation Preparation

Poor delivery can ruin a great speech. If you want more than just speech writing, we’ll help you bring your script to life with presentation coaching so you can deliver your message with presence and power. Learn more about our presentation preparation here. No matter how confident or seasoned, every speaker can benefit from coaching to ensure their speech is delivered the way it was intended. 

Executives are often called on to deliver speeches in a variety of situations. The professionals at Radetich Communications specialize in helping corporate leaders write and deliver speeches that are engaging, motivating, and inspiring.

How Radetich Communications Can Help

Radetich Communications works with a team of seasoned speech writers who are masters at writing conversationally, including former broadcast journalists and a former Congressional spokesperson.  For most, writing is a time-consuming chore.  For our writers, it’s a joy, and they are ready to help you craft the perfect message for your audience, one that can help you reach the next level of your career or impress your board.  Leave the heavy lifting to us, and you can focus on taking the words we write and presenting them in the most powerful way possible.