Transform Your Company
Ep. 16 Transform Your Company

Featuring: Alex Vorobieff

Have you ever felt like you were paddling in a “circle of frustration” in your business? My guest on this episode of Small Biz Power wants you to stop doing that.

Alex Vorobieff has 20 years experience as a CPA, clean-up CFO and C-Level Executive. He grew tired of treating the financial symptoms of organizational dysfunction. Yet he found that there was really nothing in business books, even in business school curriculum to address the root cause of the problems. So he decided to tackle that himself and he wrote the book, Transform Your Company: Escape Frustration, Align Your Business, and Get Your Life Back.

In this episode, we chat about what it takes to write a book as well as the exact moment Alex realized he needed to write it. Alex also talks about the common gap holding most businesses back and how the book addresses that. 

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