Strategic Leadership Accelerator

Most of us know how to develop a good strategic plan for our small business.  The challenge comes when it’s time to put that plan into action.  How do you take your best ideas and translate them into the most impactful tasks that will move your business forward? And how do we develop our leadership skills to keep our teams engaged and motivated to accomplish these big goals? The Strategic Leadership Accelerator addresses these challenges.

We created the Strategic Leadership Accelerator to include just the right combination of strategy and leadership development with solid action-taking.  This half-day session designed for CEOs will help you crystallize your biggest ideas, identify your most critical leadership development goals, and build momentum for your business the right way.  

Designed for small businesses looking to break the 7-figure annual revenue mark, the Strategic Leadership Accelerator helps growing, nimble leaders break through the ceiling on their path to more profit.  

business-teamwork assessment

Assess First

The magic begins long before our half-day together.  We’ll take a deep dive into your business, reviewing your vision, mission & values; any written goals or objectives; your financials; your org chart; and any strategic, operating, or marketing plans you may have.  We’ll spend some time asking you some follow-up questions after our initial review. 

We also ask you to take a leadership assessment to give us insight into how you think and behave in the workplace.  We even take some time to interview your direct reports, peers, and best customers to get their feedback on what you do very well and where they see opportunity to improve. 

By the time we gather for our Strategic Leadership Accelerator, we have a solid window into who you are as a leader and the biggest opportunities for you and your business.

The Strategic Leadership Accelerator Agenda

Our half-day together is broken up into two parts: Leadership Development and Organizational Planning

In the Leadership Development portion of the workshop, we will:

  • Review and discuss your Personality Assessment
  • Identify Strengths and Improvement Opportunities based on the feedback from our interviews
  • Determine your Top 3 Leadership Goals

In the Organizational Planning portion of the workshop, we will:

  • Review your key business metrics with you
  • Discuss your top frustrations with your business
  • Using a tried-and-true framework, determine your one and five-year business goals
  • Determine the ideal org chart for your business
  • Build your 1-year plan
  • Establish 90-day goals to support your 1-year plan
  • Create an accountability and follow-through plan

Benefits of Strategic Leadership Accelerator

  • Gain valuable insights and actions you can take to improve personal and leadership performance
  • Identify Strengths and Opportunities for your business
  • Build the optimal organization structure to help your business break the 7-figure mark
  • Get clarity around your most important priorities
  • Walk away with accountability for action-taking

If you’re looking for the perfect jumpstart to strategic execution on your business’ biggest goals, sign up for the Strategic Leadership Accelerator.  Get more done in a half-day than most CEO’s get done in a month.  Walk away with a roadmap for what to do next to ensure you grow as a leader and your organization thrives.