Team Building and Communications

Every CEO or company leader knows that you can’t achieve success on your own.  It takes a team of dedicated people who share your vision and work hard to make it reality.  But very few CEOs know the secret to engaging a team effectively, getting team members to buy into the bigger picture, and helping them capitalize on the collective brainpower of the group to produce the best results possible.  To solve this problem, many companies hire outside consultants for Team Building.  

Team Building can mean a lot of things… but in our world here at NR Strategic Consulting, it does not mean a one-and-done feel-good workshop that encourages people to get along better.  That’s not to say that these types of activities aren’t useful, but we’re committed to long-term success for your team.  We want to develop them into the super collaborators we know they can be, ensuring your employees stay engaged and improving your company’s bottom line.

That doesn’t happen in one workshop.  It happens over time as we get to know your team members, assess their communication styles using cutting edge tools, and unearth any unspoken issues.  Then we introduce a framework that will help them develop the key elements required for a high-performing team. We are hyper-focused on team development… but since team development sounds WAY too consultant-y to us, we call it Team Building and Communication.

What Is Team Building?

Team building is the ongoing process that helps a group evolve into a cohesive unit. Through team-building and development, members develop a shared vision and expectations for accomplishing group tasks and learn to trust, support, and respect each other's differences. 

You can unite employees around a common goal and generate greater productivity with good team-building skills. Without effective teams, you limit yourself and your staff to the effort each individual can make on their own.

Why Is Team Building Essential for Your Organization?

Successful CEOs need a team behind them, which means part of your job is to help your teams work better together. If you want faster response time, higher productivity, greater sensitivity to customers, and improved profitability, teamwork is the way to make all of those things happen.

Today's teams are different from teams of the past - employees are more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic than ever before. With frequent changes in membership, teams face new hurdles, but their success still hinges on a core set of fundamentals for effective group collaboration.

Effective, high-performing teams are more than just a group working together to accomplish a common task. They have a shared purpose and vision that inspires their performance and makes them accountable for their work. They solve problems and make decisions together, acting as full partners in the business.

Benefits of Team Building

  • Connects remote teams

  • Improves communication

  • Increases collaboration

  • Improves productivity

  • Increases motivation  

  • Encourages creativity

A healthy company culture believes in teamwork and is willing to support colleagues to get the job done. By promoting a strong team spirit, you'll build a culture demonstrating how collaboration solves problems more effectively. Effective teams share strong bonds, and all organizations should nurture these relationships.

Incorporating team building into your corporate culture in meaningful ways allows people to connect and interact outside regular meetings or presentations. Executives should consider team building an investment in their organization's long-term success.

Developing High Performance Teams

NR Strategic Consulting partners with The Beckley Group to provide training that helps participants:

  • Gain an understanding of how teams differ from traditional work groups.
  • Create a team charter with a clear statement of the team's purpose, operating guidelines, objectives, and an ideal team vision.
  • Learn good meeting management skills, critique meeting effectiveness, and develop action plans to improve meetings.
  • Identify customer requirements and how these guide team accountability.
  • Analyze and streamline the core work and responsibilities of the team
  • Clarify member roles and responsibilities and ensure greater accountability.
  • Set up systems for measuring performance, setting goals, and tracking progress.

Team Building That Improves Communication

Effective team building activities should be challenging and highly engaging, forcing participants out of their comfort zone.  They are an excellent way to establish trust, resolve conflicts, and improve communication. They also serve as a way for managers to get to know their employees better and improve their personal and professional relationships. In partnership with The Beckley Group, NR Strategic Consulting uses a proven framework to help develop your team. We customize this framework to fit your organization’s culture and needs.  Additionally, if your team struggles with powerful, persuasive communication, we offer our Step Into Your Moxie® Speak Up & Influence verbal empowerment program perfect for helping teams learn to communicate more effectively.   

How NR Strategic Consulting Can Help

Team development is rooted in strong communication.  The principal of NR Strategic Consulting, Nina Radetich, has spent years helping others communicate effectively, starting with a degree in mass communications and two-decades of work as an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist. Nina has worked with a diverse range of teams in various C-level positions and has first hand knowledge of how to help team members excel as a cohesive unit. NR Strategic Consulting partners with The Beckley Group to provide time-tested team development frameworks that will put your team on the path to success.  Let’s start with a simple team assessment and work together to determine the best course of action to develop your dream team and create long-term employee loyalty.