Empowering leaders and teams through consistent, intentional communication.

Thriving Teams and Employees

Powerful Leadership Communication

Prosperous Organizations

High-Performing Teams and Collaborative Company Cultures Aren’t Easy to Create

Leaders face several challenges 

Self Doubt and Criticism

Helping employees overcome their fears of speaking up

Lack of Clear Messaging

A clear vision and mission have not been communicated effectively across the organization

Culture of Silence

Company culture doesn’t foster open and honest conversations

Step Up Your Communications Game

We help you address the critical elements of consistent and intentional communication, the foundation of every thriving organization.

Using our decades of communications experience, we help you with…


The confidence to speak up for what matters to you


Building a culture of openness and inclusiveness where every team member feels they have a voice


Creating a consistent message that is systematically shared across your organization or in the venue of your choosing


How to weather a PR crisis and use the experience as an opportunity to emerge as a stronger industry leader

Getting Started is Simple

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Take our free communications assessment either for yourself or for your organization.

Book a 15-minute discovery call

During our discovery call, we'll highlight our findings from the online assessment, learn more about your goals, and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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Once we understand your challenges and what you’d like to accomplish, we’ll present some recommendations for our work together.


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They Say

Lisa Beckley, Forward Nevada

"I began working with Nina earlier this year to make improvements to our private mail forwarding business. During this time, she has helped us outline steps to working smarter, rather than harder, to reach our overarching company goals. She has done this by helping us define what our business does, what roles key employees play in the execution of specific job duties, and facilitating ways to streamline our workflow and day to day operations. A pragmatic thinker, Nina is ever optimistic and enthusiastic when troubleshooting solutions to an issue. She is a true professional who I am delighted to be working with and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level."

Caroline Ciocca, Goldenview Partners

"The work I do with Nina is always transformational. She has a way of helping me organize all of my ideas into one concrete course of action. Her ability to cut through the noise and help me clearly articulate how I want to make an impact has been life-changing for me as I embark on this next phase of my life. It’s been a transitional year – adjusting to a divorce, turning 50, moving out of a city I lived in for 28 years and building a new career. During this time, to say it’s been a roller coaster ride is an understatement. My confidence was the one thing that prevented me from moving forward. I’ve done some amazing work with Nina, but what I am most grateful for is that she helped me find my confidence again."

Janelle Kennedy, Jayde Consulting

"There is so much I could say about Nina, she is not only a great friend and networking wingwoman but a true advocate for helping advance those around her. She sheds light where you didn't realize there was a window. I have come to her to help me with how to craft my presentations, and how to think through responses to difficult conversations.

With her extensive expertise in communication and delivery, she has encouraged me to find my voice and use it in a way to connect better with those around me and how to listen to the real needs of others."

Eliminate Communication Frustration and Messaging Overwhelm

Most businesses want to build a high-performing team and culture but don’t realize that the foundation for both begins with powerful communication. At Radetich Communications, we use our decades of communication experience to teach leaders and team members how to be consistent and intentional in their communication and empower them to speak up for what matters. When teams and leaders communicate powerfully, employees thrive, teams excel, and your organization prospers.

The 10-Minute Communication Assessment for Small Business 

  1. Take the 10-minute Communication Assessment
  2. Schedule a Consultation with Nina Radetich
  3. Talk through your assessment results 
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Communication is Your Cornerstone

Effective business & interpersonal communication are the cornerstone for growth in any organization. Intentional, consistent communication improves employee engagement, productivity, and company culture and decreases communication silos and employee turnover. The better people are at communicating within your organization, the more your organization will thrive, especially in today's hybrid remote environment.

Without effective internal communications, companies suffer from disengaged employees, turnover is much higher, and productivity decreases.  This usually translates to a negative customer experience, and customer retention plummets.

 Build Your Foundation

When you invest in improving your communications, and you empower your team members to speak their truth, you build a culture of openness and inclusiveness.  Different voices and perspectives lead to more innovation and creativity and allow your company to be more responsive to constant marketplace change. With clarity in your messaging, potential employees clamor to work with you, customers flock to you, and your business prospers.  

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May 11, 2022